Friday, May 13, 2011

Paintings about Muslims

Art about Muslims

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The crescent moon and star

Paintings about Islam

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Painting called Good Or Evil?

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Peter Reynosa

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Paintings of Madonna the entertainer

Paintings of Madonna the singer

Alice Walker's Hair

Paintings of Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston's nose

Paintings of Jennifer Aniston's nose

Phallic symbols in art

Madonna the entertainer

Madonna the singer

Painting of Madonna

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Painting of Madonna the entertainer

Peter Reynosa

Madonna In Ecstasy

Monday, May 2, 2011

Description of the painting Good or Evil?

This is my painting called Good or Evil? Obviously, it is about Islam. I use the Taoist symbol of yin and yang as part of the painting. It is a black and white painting. It uses the crescent moon and star to represent Islam. At the bottom of the painting is the question "good or evil" in Arabic. So the painting asks the question is Islam a good or evil religion. The crescent moon and star in white represent the good part of Islam while the crescent moon dripping blood and the star that turns into an Arabian sword represents the evil side of Islam. So is Islam a good religion or an evil religion? What is the answer? Is Islam good? No. Is Islam evil? No. Then what is it? Well, like all religions it is both good and evil. I like to say this is a black and white painting but the answer to whether Islam is a good or evil religion is not a black or white answer. And in this painting the color black represents evil while the color white represents good. Yet, I use the color of black and white like the symbol of yin and yang to represent the idea that good and evil as being  part of the same thing.

Description of the painting Madonna In Ecstasy.

This is my painting called Madonna In Ecstasy. It is a painting of a naked woman burning in hell as she is having an orgasm who we think is in ecstasy but who actually is in agony.  It is actually an homage to the agony that is woman. Stylistically, it is an homage to Henri Matisse. It is also my attempt at creating a great painting of primitive African art. The body in the painting belongs to Madonna the singer. Yes, that is her body in the painting. I did an exhaustive search for the most sexual body in the world and ended up choosing Madonna's body. I also chose her because she is the high priestess of sexual debauchery. At least that is what she represents. And Madonna's vagina is supposed to look like the beginning of the universe when it was exploding. This is to represent the power women have to create new life like when our universe was created.  The nose in the painting belongs to Jennifer Aniston. Yes, that is her nose in the painting. The dreadlocks in the painting came from Alice Walker. Those are her dreadlocks in the painting. And the top of the head is a phallic symbol.Yes, the top of the head turns into a penis. And I do this as a compliment. Here the phallic symbol stands as part of the power women have to create life.  The facial expression and the tilt of the head come from the artwork the Ecstasy of Saint Teresa.

Painting of Madonna the Singer

Good or Evil?